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The paint industry has a whole range of paints to offer – in different qualities, shades and protection levels. Dulux paint, Haymes paint, Paint brands – some pertinent details are discussed hereunder:

Dulux paints

Dulux is one of the most popular paint brands opted for by home owners. Its properties include pyroshield which has flame retardant qualities; sterishield which acts as an anti-bacterial coating; and mouldshield which protects from mould growth.

Realising the importance of good quality paint requirements especially when it comes to sensitive and challenging areas, the Dulux paint manufacturers have included an extensive range of paint finishes and colours which ensure good performance.

Contrary to some input, it should be known that applying specialist coatings is not more difficult than applying standard paints. All Dulux paints can be applied with the same effort and finish and also have the same drying time.

Haymes Paints

Another well known and popular choice for painting home interiors is Haymes. The range has a collection of rich and true colours and you would be able to achieve beautiful results and superb coverage using this brand.

The Expressions version of the paint is easy to use – it creates minimal splatter, is stain-resistant, washable and comes in a variety of finishes. Haymes paints have a friendly formula which allows people to move back as soon as the paint job is completed. It is odour free.

Wattyl Paints

The Wattyl brand of paints includes both exterior and interior solutions. Wattyl paints offer different surfaces finishes such as contemporary matt, low sheen, gloss and satin.

The paint has a water-based polyurethane which is conducive for painting interior timber. It is quick drying and has a clear finish. For exterior walls Wattyl paints have a solagard masonry paint which helps to hide imperfections on outside walls and concrete.

Bristol Paints

Bristol is another leading paint manufacturer. They produce several types of paints, paint finishes and wallpapers. If you decide to use Bristol paints for your home interiors you will have the services of their experienced staff to advise you so you get the best results.

Bristol’s wide range of paints allows you to obtain the colour-matching effects you want. The information generated during your job is stored in the company’s files so down the line if any touch-up is required, Bristol will be able to give you the right touch-up shades

Making a choice

With such an effective and wide variety of quality paints to select from, making a particular choice could prove difficult.

It would probably depend on proximity of the particular paint agents and before, during and after service based on information from contacts. Selecting a particular paint brand could also depend on the particular paint job you need done – as per details mentioned above different types of paints are available for different surfaces, finishes etc.

Of course it will also depend on your budget. So before making a decision you should check out on the internet the different brands available and their respective prices. Once you decide on a particular brand you can then follow up by making contact with the particular company and checking the services they offer.

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