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When you go in for painting your home or any other project, you need to understand that the effect of the paint job is not just to produce a pretty appearance or be skin deep.

A painted surface has to face a lot of wear and tear such as blistering, peeling, cracking – even mould growth or rust. Because of this, a paint job has to be given as much importance as any of the other plans you have for your home.

Keep a proper budget

As mentioned above since painting has to not only look good and last a reasonable amount of time, you should not try and skimp on the amount you allocate for painting

You should invest in good quality paint and if possible hire master painters to take care of the work. If you buy cheap paint you will end up – after a couple of years - with the surfaces of your home looking faded, blistering and cracked.

Relevant points to follow when planning a big paint job:
  • You should buy good quality paint which will ensure you get your money’s worth
  • You should hire experienced and qualified painters who will ensure your job is done professionally and the final effect is good
  • If you are not sure about the quality and colour scheme you should go in for, check with the painter company. They have the right experience and know-how to guide you.
  • An experienced painter will have the required know-how when dealing with environmental requirements.
  • The painter will also ensure that the completed job elicits total customer satisfaction.
Customer/painter discussion

Once you decide on which painter you would like to employ, you need to sit down and have a detailed discussion on what exactly you have in mind.

The painter needs to conduct a complete examination of all the surfaces required to be painted along with the selected colours. If you have colour samples you should provide the same to the painter. A good idea would be to write down all the instructions/requirements so that doubts will not arise later.

Stages of painting

Painting is conducted in different stages. After the above-mentioned discussions, the preparation of the different surfaces needs to be done. Sometimes the previous paint job may not have been up to standard, so the preparation stage may take more time before the actual new coats of paint are applied.


Once the painter knows your exact requirements he will draw up a quotation clearly stating all the pertinent details such as cost and time needed to complete the job. Details of the type of paint to be used, progress payments and any other terms/conditions could also be included.

Safety tip

If you are thinking of doing the paint job yourself, be aware of the following dangers. Many old paints contain lead which is hazardous for pregnant women and children. Walls could also contain asbestos a situation that requires handling by a professional. So before undertaking any paint job on your own you should first consult with a professional.

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