For any project regarding architecture, painting is the most crucial part as it has the ability to give your property a face-lift. Finding the right contractor is the most important and a very confusing task.

Ensuring that the commercial painting contractor provides a flawless and first-class finish to the project before they are hired is a very daunting task. A good smile and a great speech by them can brainwash you into thinking they are the one, but apart from that, you need to check off a few important boxes on your list before you hire them.

Know your Project

As time and money saving contractors are in high demand, do not jump into them easily. Understand your project and find which contractor has done this project before so they can give you their expert ideas on what you are missing out.

Researching on your own project is very important before you start hunting out on contractors. To help you build some trust, get contacts from your friends and family. Hear and see their reviews and decide on the contractor, so you will have an ease of mind and not doubt their work.

Test their Knowledge

First, do some background work on their experience. Check their previous contracts and their work. Also, ask them to give their own ideas on your project by giving them enough information of what you want to paint and what you would like to cover.

Be straightforward in asking vital questions such as the quality of paint, the number of coats, personal protection equipment, how do they deal with spilling and how long have they been in business. The best deal is to find someone who has been in the business for more than two and a half years.

Assess their work

Is your contractor experienced enough? Do they provide references? If no, please forget about them. If yes, then call the referenced person at a convenient time and question about the contractor's efforts on their work and if it was satisfactory. Some might be really helping by pointing out the advantages and problems they faced during their project so you can keep your guard on.

Check for Licenses

Always keep your eyes on painters with established business sites and license certificates and insurance. Go through the papers to confirm it yourself.

Monitor their work

Get the contractor to list out on how the project is going to be done. What paint and tools they are going to use. It will show you how technologically advanced they are. Most importantly check if the brushes and paints are new. Stress on the preparation work as it helps the paint to stick and last longer.


Don't always go for the least expensive contractors. Find those who have good experience and reputation. A well-experienced contractor must be able to show project of the same kind and compare their costs with yours.

Always have a few choices to compare

Keep two to three contractors in mind and compare their works, costs or quality.

Finally, do not pay in cash. However small your commercial contract may be, cash payment may take your bills off records. Trust your instincts and go with it.

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